Just Ask Us

  • Is your service the same as hiring a business manager or personal assistant?
    Think of WJK as the managers of the totality of ones life, a personal life manager.  To see it a little clearer lets compare Business Manager, Lifestyle Manager and Personal Assistant.  Business Managers provide the client with managerial services as they pertain to all of ones Business affairs from negotiating and managing new and current business, legal affairs, corporate affairs and business accounting.  We as personal lifestyle managers take care of all the other areas of ones life. We manage all things travel, family affairs, estate management and construction , personal finances and investments, personal projects, event planning, human resources for your personal staff (including assistants).

    Our services are so broad because everyones life is comprised of different dynamics and components.  We are here to assist you in living your absolute best personal lifestyle.  A personal assistants main duties and responsibilities is to provide administrative support to their manager or senior superior as needed and as directed.  Their primary responsibility starts with scheduling of meetings, correspondence, note-taking and management of personal office systems.  WJK has the resources and capability to provide a very broad range of services at a level of excellence and confidentiality that is on a larger scale than the duties and responsibilities of a personal assistant. We assess the overall picture of our clients lives, discuss what their true needs are and from there we take the reigns and manage the whole process from there.  We also can serve as liaison between client, business managers and personal assistants.  This reduces the stress of the clients having to manage all these different facets of their themselves.  We streamline the process and help make things run smoother and more efficient.  Clients have found that it really does help when they can run their personal affairs thru one person and things get executed timely and efficiently.

  • Why would I need to hire a Lifestyle Manager?
    Our clients hire us because they are wildly successful and with that success there are shifts in the way one must manage their personal life. Many times, that can look like chaos or desire to change as they evolve in their careers and family life.  The need to implement  more intricate managerial processes comes in to play when your life is evolving, growing and changing.  Most of the time our clients do not realize these needs until their lifestyle has already spun out of control and they are overwhelmed with confusion and often times despair to rectify the problems.

    There are a number of un-forseen circumstances that can and will arise in these situations and clients often have a hard time managing them and keeping up with their business and family responsibilities. WJK understands all of these situations and provides remedies and services that resolve all these ups and downs timely and efficiently.  That deep breath of relief and confidence that everything is going to be okay is truly a few meetings away from becoming a reality in your life.

  • How do we hire you and for how long?
    We are a retainer based service with a minimum of three months. The average client retainer is seven years, renewable annually.  The initial three month retainer gives the client the opportunity to see the benefits of our services.  Within 3 months we have the time to straighten out areas of the clients lives that they are not happy with and implement change that is needed.
  • Can I get a list of your clients?
    Due to the confidentially agreement that we have with our clients, we cannot disclose the names or any of information about or clients.. You will also be protected at the same level of privacy.  Respecting the privacy of our clients is a top priority for everyone here at WJK.  The reason why it is so important is because sometimes a clients private personal life is ALL they have that is theirs and not exposed to the outer world.  Due to careers that are open to the public, some of our clients do not get the luxury of having a private life.

    We provide services that allow our clients to feel protected and private.   We do our best to make sure they never feel as though they are missing out on any of life’s wonderful experiences.  What I can do is provide references of our trusted Business sources that we’ve worked with for over ten years.