About WJK

You could call us mind-readers, but we prefer to be a little more distinct. Proactive. Intuitive. Knowing.

We are experts in many things—hospitality, real estate, strategic planning, customer relations. But the capability that means the most to us is getting to the heart of the people we serve.

Our work is rooted in long-term relationships, those intimate, instinctive and reliable relationships, so we make it our business to know our clients from the heart side out. We know how they like to live, to work, to travel.

We know the staff that is best suited to execute. The neighborhood that is just right to grow the family or the luxury office space that is perfect to grow the company. The nuances of the next power move or the details of the power lunch.

So, often, our clients ask, “How did you know?”

And our response is always the same.

We just do.

About Nasiha Safiyullah

Founder of We Just Know and Executive Lifestyle Manager, Nasiha Safiyullah is the life administrator for affluent, multi-million dollar earners.

She is the trusted advisor to an exclusive client roster that includes celebrities, professional athletes and global CEOs who look to her to flawlessly handle the private, day-to-day details of their lives while they thrive in the public eye. As one of the most sought-after lifestyle and business consultants in the country, she flies from coast to coast to carve out a space of serenity for her clients, their companies and families.

Whether she is creating a destination sanctuary that feels like home, supporting a significant other with scheduling or working to the right of a CEO to execute a strategic plan, Nasiha is the woman that you want—and need—behind your success.

As someone who has paved their own unconventional path, Nasiha gets the grit that it takes to be great. Her own track record is a reflection of her unwavering confidence and drive to knock down any door and shatter any ceiling that stands between her and her next.  Before launching her own company in 2007, she had literally customized every professional position she had ever held, creating immeasurable value for the companies and quickly becoming the missing piece to their bottom-line puzzle. With her relentless work ethic and an intuitive foresight to see every essential play from the sidelines, she proved that her presence is a necessity – not an option. And after years of supporting CEOs in a management capacity, Nasiha realized that the keys to her success were far beyond what could be listed on a traditional resume.

It was the ability to build a bond of trust, confidentiality and loyalty.

It was the instinctual connection that she created with each of her clients—honing in on their desires, sensing their needs and carrying out their vision, in every area of their lives.

It was, above all else, a passion for helping them to find their calm in the midst of their chaos.

A born strategist, she is always focused on results. She can turn one ten-word conversation with a client and ten hours of execution into a formal dinner party or, just as easily, turn a ten-page business plan into executable goals.  While what she does is tied to the execution of the simplest to the most significant details, her approach is anchored in the intuitive and intimate relationships that she builds with each of her clients. Her work is really about connection, and her company reflects the essence of who she is woman, mother and mogul.

So when a CEO has the mental space to pursue their personal happiness and professional success—

When an athlete can travel for months, but his family is settled and secure—

When the person can just breathe—

Her work is done.

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