Our customized services allow our clients to create more freedom and flexibility to live out loud.


Travel Concierge for all your travel needs. Personal or Business. Private Island or house in Montecito. Yacht in France or Scuba diving in Caribbean – we manage all your travel arrangements and coordinate all your personal preferences so you and/or your family can travel with confidence and comfort knowing that we have all the details taken care of.


Family, children and staff schedule management – includes meetings, activities, social events, staff scheduling, tutoring, music lessons, physical trainer, beauty appointments – in home or offsite, doctor appointments. We maintain your calendar and we remind you of what needs to be scheduled and coordinate everything accordingly.


Are you planning a party or special event of ANY Kind that needs an experienced well-seasoned event planner/coordinator to lead the team to an amazing and successful event? We do it ALL from A-Z.


i.e. Business Managers, Accountants, Lawyers, Talent Agencies, PR Representatives, Glam Squads – This ensure smooth coordination of your time and efforts and creates a sense of organization amongst your working teams to better serve you. We serve as an extra set of eyes on behalf of the client.  We make sure your team is happy providing their services to the client and we ensure the client is happy with the services provided.


Do you feel like your finances could be managed a little better? Do you know how much money you spend per month and on exactly what do you spend it on? Would you like to be more mindful about your expenses and have the peace of mind that you are on track with what you have planned for in your budget? Do you really just want to know you are being responsible and smart about your financial decisions by staying on top of your budget and spending? We help you get there and stay there. Whether you are a hands on individual/family who– I wans to see and fully understand their budgets and finances on a monthly basis, or your a hands off family/individual who really only wants to be updated every six months and all the monthly expenses can be handled by the team…We accommodate the needs of all. Finances are very important to stay on top of and weJustKnow that everyone has their own way of dealing with their personal budgets. Our job is to make sure the numbers are presented in a thorough and comprehensive manner to ensure the client is completely informed of their financial positions at all times as requested.


Do you have small informal or even formal dinner parties frequently but don’t know what to serve and how you can order it with little to no notice? Would you enjoy ordering meals from your favorite high-end restaurants frequently? Rest assured we could accommodate your needs in the comfort of your home.  We provide food delivery from many of your favorite restaurants.  What’s special and unique about our service is – we maintain a database of your previous orders, favorite items from all your favorite restaurants.  All you have to do is send one of our team members a text message asking to order from XXX restaurant and we will have it delivered shortly.  You don’t have to worry about payment or ordering online because your payment methods are already in our system and we just take care of all the details for you and the food is at your door shortly. What makes our service even more special is you can feel secure that the person handling your food is a WJK team member who is making every effort to ensure your order is delivered complete, as ordered and especially HOT!