5 Reasons People Hire Lifestyle Managers

It’s really interesting how I embarked upon this journey. I was an accountant by trade, working for production companies and talent agencies here in the Los Angeles area – then I evolved into helping entertainers, athletes, actors and singers with their personal finances – and over time that turned into, “Nasiha, can you find us a jet, a giraffe, plan this party, help hire my staff, relocate us to Spain for six months to film this movie…” I realized I was on to something very valuable and needed in the lives of super successful high achieving individuals.

So know that, hiring someone to help you with managing your life and/or your families personal affairs, is a gift to your progress! We’ve been conditioned to think we have to drown in doing it all alone – and that couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter who I speak to about this, everyone says the same thing, “Wow, you do that!?” So, I wanted to pop in and share quickly why you’d consider hiring someone to help you manage your life.

You don’t have to be a blockbuster actor or have an Emmy to incorporate this into your life, here goes…

5 Reasons Why You’d Want to Hire a Lifestyle Manager:

    1. You want to reclaim your time! You have a career or passion you are pursuing, and not just one thing, you have multiple things. You may even have children and a significant other (or would like to at some point!). There’s the house you want to buy, build or expand on. There’s the travel, meetings, collaborations – staff and your team. Your projects or having babies and no one in your life is overseeing that it all goes according to your plan.
    2. Start your dream project. You have other dreams and goals that you have put on the back burner because, well, there is no capacity of time or brain power to divert to another project. It’s common to have started projects that you, to this day, have not been able to complete because of the chaos that comes with being successful.
    3. Accomplish more on a daily basis than before b/c you have more structure in your schedule. Intentional living stresses taking effective action over personal comfort.
    4. You’re an actual human and not a super hero! Hiring a Lifestyle Manager helps you drastically improve your quality of life by absorbing many of your current tasks and projects. This free’s you up to have time and energy to take better care of yourself and improve your self-care and self love – mind, body and spirit.
    5. Improve your overall quality of life, personally and professionally. Start living a healthy, happier, and more purposeful life because you are better balanced with the help a Lifestyle Manager can provide.

I hope this gives you some insight into our world and we’d love it if you shared this article with your circle of friends.  Our team takes pride in helping others shine in their gifts while leaving the nitty gritty details to us!

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