The Art of Intention & Creating Success

In my spare time I like to share things that are inspired by my daily life as a Lifestyle Manager. The topic of “having intention” came up recently. But what does it mean to live intentionally?

Living an intentional life is the opposite of living a life of chance with a lack of awareness. The clients I work with and people I surround myself with have one main thing in common, intentionality. My role is to eliminate chaos where it may be trying to rear it’s overwhelming head.

No matter what type of lifestyle you want to live, you have to ask yourself some questions to get you there. What are your long-term goals? Why did you decide to read this article? Why did you choose the foods that you did for your last meal? Why did you choose that last vacation?  Why did you choose the people you went with? And many more.  If you can’t answer these questions without giving it some thought, you’re not living intentionally.

By being more intentional, you stand a better chance of having the type of success you want. As an owner of a lifestyle management agency, and working with high net worth individuals, there’s a common thread between us all.


8 Things to Consider are:

  1. Intentional living requires making decisions. You can’t have any intention without having made a decision first. Sit down and choose a direction for your life. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to own? What kind of life do you want to live? Make some choices and then choose your actions each day in accordance with those objectives.
  2. Evaluate your behavior. To live an intentional life, you must evaluate and understand yourself. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you fail to do the things you don’t do?
  • What motivates your actions each day? Are you moving toward short-term pleasure or avoiding short-term pain? Or are your actions directed toward an intentional purpose?
  • Before taking any action, ask yourself what your intention is. Are you heading toward the refrigerator to satisfy your hunger, ease your anxiety, cure your boredom, or fuel your body in a healthy manner for what lies ahead in the next few hours?
  • Evaluate all of your chosen and avoided behaviors. Learn what make you tick.
  1. Know your values and beliefs. Knowing your values and beliefs can make it easier to live intentionally. You might have the intention to live a life based on contribution, honesty, or love. Your belief that everyone should be able to read can guide your life. Giving your values and beliefs priority makes many of your formerly challenging decisions obvious.
  2. Stress important actions over easy actions. Intentional living stresses taking effective action over personal comfort. It’s about having a higher purpose than taking it easy. Continuously ask yourself, “Is this the most effective action I could be taking?”
  3. Choose your habits. Most of your habits seemed to develop on their own. It’s important to choose your habits. Habits can mask your intentions by removing the thought process from the equation.
  4. Know your intentions for each day. You may have a broad intention of having financial freedom. A narrower intention might be to be debt-free. From there, you may have the intention of saving more money so you can pay down your debt faster. Your intention for today might be to avoid any spending that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  5. Be proactive. Want a new job, more clients, or to start a new business venture? Start taking action to make it happen in advance. The alternative is to wait until you’re out of time. Then you have few options and you can’t really live intentionally. Don’t place dice with the things you say you want.
  6. The key to intentional living is mindfulness in all parts of life. Mindfulness seems to be the cure for everything except a cold!
  • Be mindful of your intentions, thoughts, actions, and goals. If you’re truly mindful, you’re already living an intentional life.

An intentional life creates more thought than an unintentional life. You must make conscious decisions and question your thoughts and actions. Seek to be more aware of your desires and choose your behaviors accordingly. Habits can be the bane of intentional living unless you chose your habits intentionally.

Be mindful and take responsibility for your results, and you’ll find that more of your results will satisfy you.

Thanks for taking the time to read….


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