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We Just Know is like you, X2.

You’ve wished for another you, well, here we are. We provide services that are similar to a business manager but for your personal life. We’ll restore order and peace; and you get to focus on doing more of what you love!



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Nasiha Safiyullah

Founder of We Just Know and Executive Lifestyle Manager, Nasiha Safiyullah is the life administrator for affluent, multi-million dollar earners. She is the trusted advisor to an exclusive client roster that includes celebrities, professional athletes and global CEOs who look to her to flawlessly handle the private, day-to-day details of their lives while they thrive in the public eye. As one of the most sought-after lifestyle and business consultants in the country, she flies from coast to coast to carve out a space of serenity for her clients, their companies and families.

Whether she is creating a destination sanctuary that feels like home, supporting a significant other with scheduling or working to the right of a CEO to execute a strategic plan, Nasiha is the woman that you want—and need—behind your success.

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Nasiha Safiyullah

We Just Know

is a lifestyle management agency that specializes in helping busy individuals seamlessly manage the tasks that complicate their daily lives.

Our customized services allow our clients to create more freedom and flexibility to live out loud.

What You Need to Know

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It’s really interesting how I embarked upon this journey. I was an accountant by trade, working for production companies and talent agencies here in the Los Angeles area – then I evolved into helping entertainers, athletes, actors and singers with their personal finances – and…

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Bye-bye Chaos, Hello Peace

When people think about chaos their minds usually go directly to organization of material possessions – and that’s true to a point but it’s much bigger than that. If you want to say bye-bye to chaos because you have a thriving career, an active family…

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